Growing and healing
through the arts

Is your child struggling to manage their big feelings?

Are they finding it overwhelming and challenging to navigate their relationships with family and friends, establish a positive self-image, or manage their academic responsibilities alongside extra-curricular activities?

Would you like some guidance and support around boundary setting, positive discipline practices, and authentic communication with your child?

Hi South Florida Families, I'm Beth!

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For the past 14 years, I have worked with a diverse group of children, parents, and families in a variety of settings to help children manage challenging thoughts, emotions and behaviors. With the utmost care and sensitivity, I provide counseling and support to children and families navigating life transitions such as loss, divorce, social issues, and more.

In my practice, Arts and Hearts Therapy, I offer unconditional acceptance and effective coping tools and strategies when feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, shame, overexcitement or lack of focus may arise. I began this journey as an Early Childhood Educator and frequently draw from that academic experience when supporting children in the therapeutic setting.

I work with children, ages 2-14, and families of all backgrounds. I have a special interest in working with extremely shy children and I am also uniquely capable of redirecting aggressive behaviors displayed by children. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

I’ve been involved in Drama Therapy training and practices as well as Expressive Arts Therapy since 2006. As a highly sensitive child growing up, I found solace, resilience, and strength through the arts, which helped pave the way for my journey into this type of counseling.

Every child deserves a safe place to explore themselves and to work through any challenges they may be facing.

A Creative Approach

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Dramatic Arts, music, artistic expression, sensory experiences, and play are all crucial parts of children’s healthy social and emotional development. Drama Therapy can be an effective intervention to help children, parents, and families who are in need of therapeutic support.

When children are faced with challenges, it may be hard for them to express their feelings verbally. Through the creative mediums of drama, play, story, art, music and movement, Drama Therapy can help them feel understood and foster their emotional and social well-being. Every child deserves to be heard and through Drama Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy they can find their voice to express themselves in ways that promote healing and growth throughout their most formative years.

Every child can benefit from a safe place to explore and discover themselves - and a supportive environment to work through any challenges they may be facing. I invite you to make Arts and Hearts Therapy that safe place for your child.

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Beth Pamela Siller, LMFT #1766
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